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Leverage Collaborative IT Offshoring for Quality, Time & Cost Benefits
Park Royal Hotel, Sydney

This exciting event is organized on the model of a seminar & panel discussion followed by networking and has the much needed inspiration and thought provoking content, ideas and road-map to convert the current challenges faced in the recession into viable business opportunities.

With an experienced and successful panel of speakers for the HeadStart AU Event on 31-MAY-13 FROM 4.00 PM TO 7:00 PM, the seminar & panel discussion would cover a gamut of topics that include:

Attendees to the event would benefit enormously from the knowledge of how to incorporate outsourcing into their business strategy as a strategic weapon, the potential pitfalls to watch out for, the value of partnering with experienced & established offshore companies, selecting the right geographies to outsource.

The panel also shares some of the best practices of outsourcing with the audience. The objective of the panel is to guide and empower software product & services companies and SMB entrepreneurs to launch their ventures faster, maximize returns for their limited budgets and improve profits and in short a potent mix of offshore strategies for Quality, Time & Cost Benefits.

Programme Schedule

Come, be a part of ANGLER HeadStart and meet our panel of experts for a discussion on why, when and how Offshore Development makes sense for Technology Businesses including:

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