Best Practices

Best Practices for Collaborative IT offshoring

"Best practices" provide a list of guidelines to ensure mutual success and long-term outsourcing partnership.

Build in Offshoring as part of your Business Strategy

Incorporate offshore outsourcing as a strategic advantage and a key differentiator for your business in this exceedingly connected and highly competitive world

Hire a Partner, Not Just a Outsourcing Vendor

Look for an outsourcing provider that brings a wide set of skills and strengths, and a long-term track record of delivering results, in addition to competitive pricing

It's More Than Just a Contract, it's a Thriving Business Relationship

Give as much attention to performance measurement and the quality of your relationship with your provider as you do to the contract

Setup your Virtual Offshore Development Centre

Task your talented executives with the mission of optimizing your outsourcing arrangements and work with your Offshore Partner to build an alternate delivery centre with minimal investments

Focus Relentlessly on Primary Objectives

Be clear about objectives—cost, process improvement and the ability to increase your focus on the core business.

ANGLER HeadStart is our break-through Offshore Development model that helps Independent software Vendors (ISVs), Custom Development & Software Services companies, Open Source Developers, Microsoft Partners,  Mobile Application Developers, Systems Integrators & Project Consultants to leverage ANGLER’s offshore development capabilities across SOCIAL, MOBILE, Analytics, Cloud & IoT technologies to take new product ideas to completion, accelerating time-to-market of projects and significantly reducing overall costs involved giving you a competitive edge over competition.

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Come, be a part of ANGLER HeadStart and meet our panel of experts for a discussion on why, when and how Offshore Development makes sense for Technology Businesses including:

  • Integrating Offshoring as part of a company’s business strategy
  • Accelerating time-to-market and reducing costs while maintaining high quality
  • Integrating SMACi strategy to gain business growth like never before
  • Intellectual property considerations for protecting ideas, source code
  • VCs / Angel Investors views on utilization of offshore resources as part of business plan
  • Guidelines to find outsourcing resources & expert advice
  • Offshore challenges and issues that one should mitigate
  • Key success factors and best practice benchmarks
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